Crystal Connection

Crystal Connection, located at 422 E Arlington Blvd # C, has a welcoming environment, and offers items such as crystals, essential oils, home decor and more. 


Plant and See Nursery


Whether your thumb is green or you're looking to get your hands dirty, Plant and See Nursery has more to offer than your typical collection of greenhouses. Located at 4064 Old Tar Rd, plant lovers are greeted by an abundance of luscious greenery which ranges between cacti, philodendrons, ferns, flowers...the list goes on. Depending on the holiday, the nursery offers community specials, but if you’re looking for plants that belong outside of the house don’t be mistaken as its 17 outdoor greenhouses will help you fill your apartment's flower box.

Crystal Connection


If you’re feelings disconnected from the physical or spiritual world, searching for guidance to help find life’s true meaning or are looking to get in touch with the environment, Crystal Connection, located at 422 E Arlington Blvd # C, has everything from crystals to essential oils. With additional home decor items such as third eye charms, tapestries, prosperity hens and candles, Crystal Connections offers a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere for all looking to get in touch with the world around them. Depending on the day, you might even run into a four legged friend roaming around the shop.

Stumpy's Hatchet House


Classes have you stressed out? Want something new to try with your friends or significant other that's more than just another boring movie? Go throw some axes in Uptown Greenville, literally. Stumpy’s Hatchet House, located at 816 Dickinson Ave allows college students to partake in lane guided axe throwing at half price on Thursday with proof of a 1 Card and if you’re of age you can sip on your alcoholic beverage of choice. Be careful though Pirates, axes and booze don’t have the best history when put together so stay safe while you throw!

Dickinson Avenue Antique Market


Take a step back in time by entering the Dickinson Avenue Antique Market, located at 701 Dickinson Ave where collectibles, antiques and vintage items such as jewelry, furniture, decor, kitchenware and vinyls can be found inside the two story building tucked in the corner of Uptown Greenville. The shop has a variety of items from different decades to satisfy your aesthetic needs. Occasionally, parts of East Carolina University’s past will show up around the shop, with items from alumni scattered throughout.

The Art Lab


Recently added to the Uptown Greenville scene last year, The Art Lab located at 729 Dickinson Ave is more than your average art gallery. With an open floor showroom the art incubator and gallery aims to bring the art community together with showing events from a large scale of artists in Greenville. Exhibitions are normally always free to walk through with a spread of charcuterie board favorites, exhibit goers are typically allowed to purchase the art on display, which is another perfect way to spice up that student apartment or residence hall.

YogiVibes Studio


In the back of Fresh Vibes smoothie and juice bar located at 1901 Charles Blvd #1000, YogiVibes Studio offers a mixture of restorative, gentle and vinyāsa yoga in a relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for de-stressing over the semester, YogiVibes works for any level yoga student, whether you’re just starting out or consider yourself a pro, the instructors work to connect with their students on a personal level and help them reach whatever goals they are trying to accomplish within the practices of yoga.

David’s Used Books


Reading for pleasure isn’t always a college student's first choice when looking for some downtime. However, David’s Used Books might work to change your mind. With over 10,000 used low price books, you’ll reconsider spending the extra cash at a franchise. Records and CD’s can also be found inside the shop, so if you’re looking to add to that old school collection at a cheap price this is the perfect place to do so.

Coastal Fog


Fresh baked goods, steaming hot lattes and city styled home decor isn’t always what students have in mind when they think of Uptown Greenville. Coastal Fog works to add that “sophistication and fine living” touch to the college town we call home. Even though the market and shop items might be on the pricey side, the cafè works as a great spot to get some studying done with its upstairs comfort seating. The shop also offers some unique items that may not show up anywhere else in Greenville such as its recent addition of handmade bags from Tuscany, Italy.

 Art & Sole


So you think you can only order those Air Jordan 1’s online? Or find that Supreme shirt in a place like downtown Raleigh? Think again, Art & Sole has brought designer pieces to the streets of uptown Greenville located at 415 Evans St. From shoes, shirts and accessories, the designer sneaker based boutique allows shoppers access to high end clothing at a much lower price than you’d find in the mall or from the brand directly.


Marathon Restaurant

Food Item: Falafel

Description: Sticking to their roots of Greek cuisine, Marathon Restaurant serves up a plethora of traditional dishes right in Uptown. Listed under the sandwich menu, it's moist cubes of falafel with creamy tahini paste or cucumber sauce, raw onions, tomatoes and lettuce not only works to satisfy vegetarian needs, but takes the cake for that spice filled homemade taste.

Price: $7.01

Molly’s Community Cafe

Food Item: Corn Beef Hash

Description: Perfect after a night out in Uptown, resting on a bed of crispy fried potatoes with freshly chopped cabbage, this traditional style corn beef hash is topped with a sunny side up egg and pulled slices of salty but savory corn beef which is soaked in a special Molly’s Community Cafe brine.

Price: $7.49

Wasabi 88 Asian Bistro

Food Item: Rainbow Dragon Roll

Description: I hate bland tasting sushi as much as the next person, thankfully Wasabi 88 Asian Bistro provides the opposite of just that. With its Rainbow Dragon Roll, which features lightly battered shrimp tempura, crab, spicy mayo topped with salmon, tuna, rich escolar and avocado, the bistro offers this speciality roll with a crunchy savory twist.

Price: $15.99

Christy’s Euro Pub

Food Item: Cubano Mojo

Description: Sandwich lovers everywhere can come together over this slight twist on a traditional Cubano sandwich. With roasted mojo pork, ham, sweet gruyere cheese, homemade mustard, crunchy dill pickles and slightly toasted Cuban bread the Cubano mojo sandwich from Christy’s Euro Pub served with fries, tater tots, sweet potato fries or veggie sticks is probably the best one you can find in Greenville.

Price: $10.50

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