TikTok is a video-sharing social media platform created in 2016 which features various video content from dancing, comedy and life hacks. 

TikTok: the app we all said we would never get, but now we can’t stay away from it. In September 2016, TikTok hit app stores in many countries worldwide, and over the past five years, it has made its way onto many users’ phones. What started as a “kids app,” TikTok has had millions of people of all ages join the platform and create content that we laugh at, cry with, or cringe at. However, no matter how you feel about the content, there are hours and hours of shareable videos on this app that have brought us together and have actually allowed people to find their niche. With TikTok’s “for you page” or FYP feature, you’re introduced to a plethora of content that comes from people all over, and trust and believe that there is definitely something for everyone.

With the COVID-19 quarantine period, the use of TikTok skyrocketed due to people being in their homes and having nothing but time on their hands to sit back, watch some TikToks, or even create them. TikTok is responsible for so many groundbreaking trends, and we’re going to talk about eight times TikTok trends spread like wildfire across our FYPs.


For most people, especially college students, coffee is the way of life, and on TikTok, it’s really no different. With the quarantine period that most of the world experienced for much of the early part of 2020, many “new” creations and ideas with coffee landed on the FYP of many of us. From lattes to macchiatos to iced coffees, the recipes were endless, and there was probably a recipe that made its way into your life for good. One recipe that sent shockwaves through many FYPs was the Whipped Coffee recipe that gained popularity in early 2020.

This 3-ingredient recipe gives people a deluxe coffee experience in the comfort of their own homes (because for most of us, that’s where we were confined to), and it is fairly “simple to make.” If you haven’t tasted or made this coffee recipe at this point, all you have to do is combine instant coffee, sugar and hot water in a bowl then whip it all up. Take the whipped coffee, add it to a cup of milk, and you get yourself a cup of coffee. Not only do you get to sip on a nice cup of whipped coffee, but according to some TikTok users, you can get a nice arm workout as well because even with how simple it sounds, it takes about ten minutes to get that beautifully whipped coffee.


If you have a product that you really believe in and want your sales to skyrocket, it’s a good idea to try and land on the FYP because that’s precisely what happened with these famous “TikTok leggings.” These leggings took TikTok by storm, and for weeks, legging lovers were raving about these leggings and how good it made their bodies look, the confidence they had in them, or the not so flattering testimonies to how these leggings didn’t work too well for them. Whether you liked them or not, everyone tried to get their hands on a pair of these leggings. The special ruched design on the leggings makes you look like you got an instant butt lift! Of course, at the trend’s peak, the leggings were a bit pricey (if you could even find a pair), but if you want to be a little late to the trend and get a pair, you can find them online for as little as $14 on Amazon.


In 2004, Nickelodeon released an upbeat, colorful, musical-style cartoon to televisions all around the world called The Backyardigans. Nearly 17 years later, TikTok brought it back to our memories and right onto our FYPs. If your FYP is anything like mine, you’ve probably been reintroduced to the cartoons’ soundtrack with songs like “Into the Thick of It,” “Castaways,” and “International Super Spy” in the background of least one (but probably hundreds of more) TikToks that creators on the platform have produced. You’ve probably found yourself randomly saying “into the thick of it, ugh!” or yelling “CASTAWAYSSSS!” because of these super addicting sounds. You don’t have to hide; we all catch ourselves blurting out random TikTok sounds here and there.

The resurrection of The Backyardigans is definitely one of the better trends that 2021 TikTok has seen because of the heavy nostalgia that it gives, especially to us college-aged students who more than likely grew up watching The Backyardigans and other Nickelodeon shows at the time.


If you were a TikTok user in 2019, it's undeniable that you’ve seen and possibly even tried the “Renegade,” an upbeat dance choreographed to the song “Lottery” by K Camp. Originally thought to be created by Charli D’Amelio, the most followed creator on the platform, it was actually discovered that the dance was created by then 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon. Harmon’s dance took TikTok by storm. The combination of the catchy beat from the song and the super quick and very intense choreography made the Renegade one of the most popular dances the app has ever seen. This dance sent tidal waves on the app, and everyone was testing their dance abilities trying to learn it. At one point, there wasn’t a time that you wouldn’t hear “renegade, renegade” when you logged into the app.


With millions of creators and users on the app, it should come as no surprise that a good amount of them will want to show off their recipes. Crazy enough, this recipe was shared in 2019 by Instagram user @liemessa (who is conveniently also on TikTok), who showed off her Baked Feta Pasta recipe. The star of the show is the block of feta cheese in the middle surrounded by little cherry tomatoes, drizzled with a generous amount of olive oil, and topped off with a variety of spices, garlic, and basil, and with that, you get a pasta that sets a FYP ablaze.

Although this recipe did gain traction on Instagram in 2019, the recipe went viral on TikTok when user Grilled Cheese Social shared the recipe on her profile, and it spread like wildfire! This recipe was so highly sought that Finland ran out of feta cheese because so many people flocked to the stores to make this recipe.


TikTok is a massive platform with so many users logging into the app every day, and for most of us, we’ll probably never meet these people in real life. We all know that social media is a way for us to connect with people worldwide and sometimes overshare with strangers. TikTok is no different, and the “tell me… without telling me” trend on the app was a way for people to share those little aspects of their lives that we would have never known otherwise.

If you’re not completely sure what this trend is, here’s an example: “tell me you go to ECU without telling me you go to ECU.” At this point, someone might stitch the video and give characteristics that obviously belong to ECU, so you told someone you go here without ever even saying it. Depending on how viral someone’s video may go, you might find yourself very deep into a storytime from that user and get some further explanation of whatever was said in the original video, and boy, do those get interesting!


In 2001, Adult Swim, or [as], was released as an adult-only, Cartoon Network “after dark” segment that broadcasted adult-friendly content on a channel whose main audience was primarily children. Adult Swim would feature “bumps,” which would be played before and after a set of commercials. These bumps had different sayings, and at the end of the bump, the [as] logo would appear.

If you spent even a small amount of time on your FYP, you probably saw many creators bringing out their creative sides trying to recreate a [as] style bump. When pairing VANO 3000’s song “Running Away” with a montage of footage and some cleverly delivered text on the screen, you get a TikTok bump. Many adults who experienced Adult Swim got a huge rush of nostalgia when seeing this trend. The most interesting part of this trend is that as soon as you hear the song, you know what to expect at the end (the [as] logo), but you never knew exactly what clever message you’d get in between.

In the age of internet and social media sharing that we currently live in, we see viral videos and trends appear every day! TikTok and the creators on the platform have made shockwaves for the culture by introducing us to new trends and ideas, the resurgence of old ones, and phrases that we just can’t shake. We’ve seen a lot come from the app in its simple five-year life, and there’s so much more to see and discover. If you haven’t already, go get on TikTok and have fun discovering new things, and who knows, you might even start the next big trend!

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