If you attend East Carolina University (ECU), then you know the magic and energy that is Sup Dogs. Sup Dogs is a one-of-a-kind restaurant and bar that was founded in 2008 by Derek Oliverio and is now run by his brother, Bret Oliverio. They were voted the Barstool Sports Best College Bar in 2019 and 2020. They have two locations, one in Greenville, North Carolina (NC) and one in Chapel Hill, NC. When they were starting up the owner wanted an energetic college bar with great food and fun drinks.

When you and your friends are looking for some of the best hot dogs around then you should head to Sup Dogs and try one of their many famous specialty appetizers, hot dogs, sandwiches, or sides! Business Insider ranked their hotdogs 15th in America’s Best Hot Dogs.

You guys should definitely start out with one of their mouth-watering appetizers to kick off your meal. One of my top favorites is their fried pickles fries, they are crispy, tangy, thin-sliced pickles fried to golden perfection then served with house made ranch. You think you are biting into a french-fry then get a nice pickle surprise. If pickles are not your thing, then try one of their specialty fries or tater-tots. They give you so many options like pizza fries with marinara, cheese and pepperonis or jalapeño popper tots that are smothered with cheese, fresh cut jalapeños and drizzled with hot sauce and ranch. Want in on a secret? Add some of their awesome homemade buffalo sauce to your pizza fries or add the hot sauce on your jalapeño popper tots for extra flavor! Looking for a healthier option, they have you covered with green bean fries. They are lightly breaded, crispy green beans.

Now that we got our first taste of Sups, let us get into the best part! The crazy hot dog and burger combinations that they offer are endless! There are 17 different hotdogs that you can choose from, ranging from a Simple Dog to a specialty New York Dog. They have veggie dogs too that you can customize however your heart desires. Recently I tried the new(ish) Spicy Hot Dog, they recommend trying it with Sup Sauce and chili! You can substitute the regular dog for this one in any of the combos, which is what I did with the Cool Down Dog because the sour cream topping was so refreshing with the spicy hot dog. You have the option to “double your dog” and get two hot dogs, which you should because they are just that amazing. I recommend trying two styles of dogs when you do this, my go-to combo is the Cheesy Bacon Delight and the Hawaiian Dog! They also offer hand-smashed burgers that have so many unique styles, you will want to try them all. All combos are served with hand-cut fries which are great, especially dipped in their Sups Sauce. Remember all those appetizer choices though? Try one of them as your side instead for a small upcharge, maybe get a Macho Nacho Burger with some spicy Taco Tots!

For my 21+ crowd I have some news for you. Sup Dogs drinks are hands-down some of the yummiest and dangerous drinks in town. They have so many flavors of their famous Sup Crushes, all of them include fresh-squeezed fruit juice which makes them so much better. If you like a sweet drink, then try their secret Keylime Pie Sup Crush, which has whipped vodka and fresh-squeezed lime juice. Want something cold and refreshing on a hot Greenville day? Order a Sups Swirl and you will be in heaven within the first sip. Margarita and Sangria swirled together in a chilled mug - can you think of a better spring or summer drink?! You can also switch out your flavors and try different swirls like mango or strawberry margaritas. Their shots are out of this world and will have you smiling after you take it. Check out their secret, off the menu, Astro Shot! It tastes just like a grown-up version of the blue and red slushies from the gas stations or movies that we begged our parents for and still love today.

The food is great and all but the overall vibe you get from hanging out at Sups Dogs can’t be beat. Everyone that works there is always friendly! They have lovely wait staff, so don’t forget to leave a generous tip! You can have a fun dinner with all of your friends or a casual lunch with your family, they have something for everyone. I always bring friends or family that are coming to visit to eat at Sups and all of them love their experience! Bring your pup to enjoy their big patios too.

You can find their story, merchandise, menu, check wait times and more by visiting their website. Stay up to date with events and specials by following their social media accounts by searching Sup Dogs on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or TikTok. You should give them a follow to see all the delicious food, drinks and funny content they post.

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