Te'asia Royster

DJ of the month for April is none other than... Te'asia Royster AKA DJ RoyalTEA.

You may have heard the famous line "what's up Teacups?" DJ RoyalTEA's coined phrase she uses to address her listeners. Her show "The Real Tea Show" is a blend of advice, pop culture, local news and hip-hop music.

Te'asia joined WZMB her freshman yearat ECU and officially started broadcasting in the spring of 2017. Te'asia currently holds the title for having the longest tenure at the station. She is considered a veteran DJ at WZMB and is an amazing mentor to incoming DJs.

Te'asia is currently a senior graduating in May. She is studying Communication with a concentration in Journalism. Following graduation, she hopes to be a reporter at a local news station or continue to be a DJ at a radio station.

"Te'asia has raw talent for entertainment, a bubbly personality and a killer work ethic. She is going to go very far, we just hope she doesn't forget WZMB when she's famous!" WZMB Station Manager, Elena Woodall, says.

Te'asia reflects on her favorite memory of WZMB: "When I interviewed Taylor Bennett and a few of the other DJs were in the audience supporting me! It made me realize how much of a family WZMB really is." She mentions one of her favorite artists to sum up what WZMB means to her, “I’m here to spread a message of hope. Follow your heart. Don’t follow what you’ve been told you’re supposed to do.” - J.Cole 

Te'asia shares closing remarks about her time at the station, "WZMB has really help shape me into the person I am today. From what my dreams are, to the impact I want to leave in this world. I would have never discovered “RoyalTEA” if it wasn’t for WZMB. This will always be home."

Tune into WZMB on the 91.3FM dial, online or on the PirateMedia1 App 24/7!

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