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East Carolina University's Board of Trustees Budget, Finance and Infrastructure Committee gathered to discuss updates, reports and progress of upcoming projects.

East Carolina University’s Board of Trustees (BOT) Budget, Finance and Infrastructure Committee gathered for an agenda session on Sept. 15 at 2:15 p.m to discuss updates, reports and progress of upcoming projects.

Stephanie Coleman, associate vice chancellor for Administration and Finance, said the 2021 Appropriations Act had awarded two billion dollars to several colleges within the University of North Carolina (UNC) system for various purposes.

“The state of North Carolina has allotted over 2 billion dollars to the UNC system for capital projects, repair and renovations, etc,” Coleman said. “So over the next two years, there is gonna be a lot of construction projects going on our campus.”

Bill Bagnell, associate vice chancellor for Campus Operations, said Fleming Residence Hall has a much outdated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and control of the building is difficult due to its older condition.

Renovations towards the air handling units and the building automation system will allow the installation of new volt- and variable air (VA) boxes, Bagnell said, as well as renovations for the restrooms in the building.

“In addition, the restrooms have not been renovated for over 30 years and they show their age when you walk into the building, and it’s not appealing, so that scope is also included,” Bagnell said.

An Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramp is also in the works, Bagnell said, and as of now will be on the next agenda for the Board of Governors for its capital approval. He said the overall plan is expected to reach over five million dollars in estimate. If approved, he said construction would be between January of 2023 and conclude around the end of July of 2023.

Phase Two of Mendenhall’s Renovation will focus on the relocation of Mendenhall to its lower level ground floor to include University Admissions and ECU’s Graduate School. These renovations will better assist the needs, ADA requirements and appropriate building code, Bagnell said.

“The second phase will upgrade the rest of the lower level, and we’ll actually move University Admissions and the Graduate School Admissions to that area, and be a full renovation in that lower level will also include sprinklers for those systems,” Bagnell said.

The design phase is expected to begin in May of 2023, Bagnell said, and possibly operate on a 10 to 12 month construction period until September of 2024. He said a construction manager at risk is expected to be hired to carry out operations and further bids will be upcoming for its approval.

The Howell Science Building South Comprehensive Renovation, a 30 million dollar project, Bagnell said, plans to replace the three towers, but is being separated into phases due to the large space.

“The building is really at the end of its useful life, and most of the major facilities, probably ten years to replace all of that,” Bagnell said.

The renovation will address AC systems, ceilings and asbestos issues, Bagnell said, and the HVAC system. He said the project is expected to begin construction in May of 2024, and expected for completion in January of 2026.

The Brody School of Medicine will implement a new medical education building, Bagnell said, which is currently in advanced planned programming. Its budget reaches 215 million dollars, Bagnell said, and estimated construction is planned to begin in October of 2024 and complete in March of 2027.

He said it is expected to be about 200,000 square feet in total, and will focus on the implementation of high technology and medical classrooms, meetings, training spaces and more for students.

“The intent is to have a very strong connection to Brody so that physicians from Vidant can come over so that faculty can continue to reside in Brody buildings, and the new building would be entirely student focused,” Bagnell said.

To conclude the session, Stephanie Coleman presented a request for lease residential space for students who attend Coastal Studies Institute in Manteo, North Carolina. Coleman said the request is leasing for 32-36 spaces for the 2023 year.

The total annual cost of rent for ECU will amount to 151,329 dollars for the upcoming year, Coleman said, but there are plans in the works for long term housing. The request was approved by the BOT committee.

“There is a study being done as to a long term plan for housing at CSI, and so that’s occurring this fall and we hope to have an update for this group at a future meeting,” Coleman said.

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